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Create animated gifs in five simple steps


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Animated GIF Creator is a simple tool to create animated gifs super easily based on pictures in a number of formats.

This program has a very simple interface and is very straightforward in the way it works, since each of the five steps for creating the gif pops up in its own tab so you don't get lost or confused. Anyone can use it.

To create a gif with this application, you need to add your pictures in step one; select the parameters you'll apply to the images in step two (like the duration of each image, the dimensions, and any transparent backgrounds you want to use); in step three you'll be able to see the properties; in step four you'll see a preview of your gif; and in step five you just have to click to finalize your creation.

Animated GIF Creator offers quality results and lets you combine several pictures, even if they are in different formats, including BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, ICO, WMF, PSD, PSP, and PCD.

The trial version inserts a watermark.

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